Virem srl uses cutting-edge equipment and qualified personnel in order to always guarantee the customer the best quality / price ratio.

Molding department

The molding department consists of a fleet of 17 horizontal injection presses from 35 to 520 tons, some equipped with manipulators and conveyor belts to automate the unloading of the piece, reducing downtime between one molded and the other, thus guaranteeing a high productivity and quality. Virem srl can also supply metal / plastic and plastic / rubber co-molded parts.

Mold construction workshop

The mold construction workshop, equipped with a CNC machining center, die-sinking EDM, tangential grinding, various milling machines and parallel lathes, offers the possibility of making molds quickly, ordinary maintenance and repairs necessary to keep the equipment efficient.

FIPFG Sealing Department

With the FIPFG sealing department (Formed In Place Foam Gasket) through a sophisticated ``Sonderhoff`` plant, Virem srl is able to produce directly on plastic or ferrous parts, an Expanded Polyurethane gasket suitable to guarantee levels of protection against water penetration and dust difficult to reach with traditional methods and also facilitating assembly operations. The processing is carried out both on the parts produced internally and on items supplied by the Customer on a contract basis.

Vibration welding

Vibration welding is a method used to join thermoplastic materials that are difficult to weld. The fusion of the surfaces takes place by atrito and without heat

Hot blade welding

The hot-blade fusion of materials takes place by direct contact with a heated and thermoregulated plate and electronically. This contact technique is used to weld large pieces or pieces with complex profiles.

Ultrasonic welding

The ultrasonic welding allows the union between two or more pieces in order to obtain a single article which, given its conformation, could not be produced with a single printed piece.


The post-molding department includes equipment designed to carry out recovery operations on finished products (lathes, milling machines, threading machines, drills). Furthermore Virem srl can supply chromed and metallized, screen-printed or tampographed parts.

Assembly department

The assembly department guarantees the customer to receive a finished product, ready to be shipped or destined for production lines (pre-assembled) and supplied by Virem srl with a ``Free Pass`` certificate.

Storage department

The warehouse for the storage of finished products, with a covered area of 2100 square meters, allows us to guarantee stocks agreed with the customer.