Through a fleet of 17 horizontal presses from 35 to 520 tons, Virem srl has the possibility to satisfy every request of the Customer producing articles from a few tenths of a gram up to over 2 Kg.

Some presses are equipped with a manipulator in order to improve the production cycle and reduce dead times between one mold and another, thus ensuring high productivity and quality. The prevailing share of one’s turnover is represented by the “Third Party Account”, in practice it is the Customer who commissions the mold and molding.

This is accompanied by its own range of marketed products. Virem srl is able to produce both aesthetic and structural articles using the best polymers on the market, from commodities to the latest generation technopolymers (PP-PE-PA-ABS-BLEND PC/ABS-PC-POM-PS-PBT-PMMA-SAN-PPS-PEEK-PVC…).

To complete the service, Virem srl offers various customization possibilities such as ultrasonic welding, metallization and chrome plating, FIPFG sealing system, assembly and packaging.

All this is planned by the Production Office which, through a modern management software, allows to monitor the progress of the order in real time, organize the productions based on the Customer’s delivery requests, optimizing the Lead Time and succeeding, moreover , to handle any urgent requests with extreme flexibility. In agreement with the Customer, Virem srl has the ability to manage stocks with the Kan Ban method.


Virem srl, since its inception, has gained a high experience in various commercial sectors of which we report some examples:


Automotive under-hood components, bodywork, petrol and air filters, components for cranes and aerial platforms

Electrical and electronic

Electrical and electronic: components for industrial and civil electrical systems, connectors

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning items: buckets, wringers, components for industrial floor cleaners and high-pressure washers

Conditioning and heating

Items for air conditioning and heating: external and internal components for civil and industrial boilers, external and internal components for industrial refrigerators, air recirculation protection grilles

Hairdressers and beauty

Articles for hairdressers and beauty: helmets and visors, sterilizers and vaporizers, support feet, containers and drawers

Garage equipment

Garage equipment items: electrical boxes, sliding shoes, casings, traction sheaves


Intake systems

Accessories for suction systems: Venturi tubes, Clapet valves, various material seals, roller valves, nozzles;

Rotary elements

Rotary elements: wheels of various sizes and shapes with and without bearings, rollers, gears;

Accessories for roller shutters

Accessories for roller shutters: pulleys and bottoms for roller shutters, belt guide;

Seats and armchairs

Components for seats and armchairs: armchairs bases, spring and counterweight seat tilt mechanisms

Accessori pneumatici

Pneumatic accessories: quick exhaust valves various attacks;

Electric capacitors

Accessories for electric capacitors: cores for various capacitors


Various sizes Hinges