mould design and construction

Virem srl collaborates with the customer in all the phases for the realization of new articles always proposing the most suitable material for the application and advising the best conformation of the object in order to contain the costs.

Through a simulation software it is possible to reproduce the molding operations and verify any project criticalities. Furthermore, through pilot molds and prototypes made of sintered materials it is possible to obtain samples in order to help the designer to detect any corrections to be made before the final mold is made.

The molds are made internally by our workshop and, if necessary, are entrusted to external partners, always under the supervision of our technical department.

Equipped with a CNC machining center, die-sinking EDM, tangential grinding, various milling machines and parallel lathes, it offers the possibility of making molds quickly, ordinary maintenance and repairs necessary to keep the equipment efficient.