The flagship of Virem srl production is represented by an automated FIPFG sealing system (formed in place foam gasket)
suitable for depositing a cord of polyurethane foam directly on plastic and ferrous parts. This innovation, introduced in 2007, has made it possible to improve the post-processing offer addressed to our customers.

The added value of this technology places Virem srl among the few thermoplastic molding companies able to provide this type of service, even on a work-by-contract basis.

This sealing system allows to obtain hermetic properties as an alternative to die-cut gaskets, O-rings and other sealing systems, also improving the assembly and subsequent maintenance phases. The added value of this technology makes it possible to increase the performance of quality and convenience by ensuring the perfect tightness of the product.


Thanks to a three-axis robot, it allows the so-called ``In Situ`` application, directly on the production site, obtaining even more unusual geometries that are difficult to achieve with traditional methods, all with the highest quality. Countless applications among which we mention:


Engine compartment, bodywork, passenger compartment, electric and electronic, air conditioning, filters


civil and road


lids and caps


cabinets and electrical panels, sensors


boilers, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, hobbyists.


trumpets, tweeters.

Our technical department is at your complete disposal to show you in more detail the feasible applications and to suggest which product to use to satisfy your needs.